He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Almost done at the MTC!

Hello family!!! :)  How is everything going?  How is life?  Work? School? Life???  haha i miss hearing from all of you.  Thanks for the letters and emails Mom and Dad!! They are greatly appreciated! I love hearing from you and I am so thankful to have such loving and supportive parents! Thats not always the case here, but I know you guys support me in serving a mission and I am incredibly grateful for that!    Anyway . . .

So I have been here for two and a half weeks!! Its nuts.    The first week was probably the longest week of my entire life, but the second week was so fast and the third is almost ending!! I am leaving to go to Ogden at 6am on Tuesday morning.  . . ..    a little early ...  but its okay .     soooo yeah . . . .   guess what????   Elder L. Tom Perry came to our devotional on Tuesday!  It was awesome!     I had no idea he was soo tall! He is like 6' 5" ish! and he is still pretty agile. ( cant  find the right word for that)   but he pretty much jumped up the stairs up to the podium! Oh and   did you know that he is remarried????   His wife spoke first and talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon and how our message should be centered around it because its main message is of Christ and his teachings.  It was sooo good. And L. Tom Perry's talk was even better.  . haha his testimony was sooo powerful and it was such a great opportunity to hear from an Apostle of the Lord and now I can testify to others that I have seen these apostles and I know that they have testimonies of this gospel and this work and that it is real!   ehh that didnt sound very good, but there isnt much time to write so I cant think of the best way to say things. . . . . 

anway,                         ....      I cant believe i am going into the field   next Tuesday! ahhhhhh  its so exciting! I am learning soo much here and I cant wait to learn more and be able to better help  the people in Ogden and introduce the gospel into their life.  :) 

We have gym time most days and it is probably my favorite time (dont tell anybody :) ) I play volleyball like everyday, but I also run sometimes.  Its random  . . . .    but I lost pretty much all the weight I gained the first week . . .    I think my body just adjuasted to all the food and now I just weigh what I did before.   Soooo yeah .. . 

gahhh 11 minutes left . . .    hmmm  I dont know what else I want to tell you guys . . .   I did a handstand for 2 minutes and 4 seconds a couple nights ago . .   it was sick :)   haha oh and I am supposed to get another hep A shot today . . . .  so thats cool I guess!   Oh and we went to the temple last week and did an endowment session! It was awesome :)   I love going to the temple.  I think we will just go do initiatory today but either way it is so spiritually uplifting and just makes me more happy in general. 

The spirit is pretty strong in the MTC all the time.   It is like an overdose.  Our district jokes that we are becoming spiritually obese because we are feeling the spirit so much everyday.  .     It is even a little exhausting because  there arent really any breaks.    but its good! Im always tired, but I just keep chuggin along and trying to learn as much as I can while I am here :)   so if any of you want to write me before I leave the MTC you should do it through dearelder.com <http://dearelder.com>     because then they print them off for us very quickly and I can read them and then have more time to reply during my email time . . . (which is like 30 minutes ish)   speaking of which I only have 5 minutes left  . . . ahh

Welllll   I just love you  guys a lot I spose :)  and I miss you and I hope you are all doing well!   I know that this gospel is true and I know that Heavenly Father loves me and that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.  I am absolutely excited to go tell the people in Odgen that they can have a very personal relatinship with their Heavenly Father through prayer.  I know that prayer works and  that He wants to hear from us whenever we can talk to Him. When we were waiting in the Celestial room after our temple session I had some time to just ponder and pray and talk to my Heavenly Father and I was able to feel his love and recieve an answer to my question, even if it wasnt waht I expected.  Also our teacher had us go out and pray for  45 minutes straight.    It was soo cool!!! and such a good experience :)  you should all try it sometime and just pray and oponder dor like 15 minutes if you get the chance or the time. . . . Alright  Im out of time..  but I love you guys and I hope you have a great week!!!!!


Peak the Strategy

-Elder Hansen

P.S.  I will try to send pictures soon! but I dont know if I will be able to before I leave the MTC.   But I'll try!  

Wordski :)

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