He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Week One at the Missionary Training Center

It's P-day!!
Hello my family!  How are you guys?? how is school and work and everything?? Man, it feels like I have already been gone for a year.    . . .       The days here go on forever! But at the same time, overall I can't believe that I have been here for a whole week. Its nuts!  
Wellll . . . . lets see . .    I have been learning a lot!!! They are cramming everything into our brains right now so that when we go out into the field we can actually do work!  Its a lot to learn though! We have 2   3 hour classes pretty much everyday, and then a bunch of teaching investigators, less actives, and member refferals.  It is sooo busy! There is hardly even a spare minute to sit down.  By the end of the day you go back to your residence and it has been around 16 hours since you left at 7am  . .    .. .   It is crazy! I get pretty tired throughout the day because I always want to write in my journal and write people letters so I end up getting like 6 ish hours of sleep a night . ..  Its hard, but with the Lord's help we can do anything! :)    

So, this week has been fun.  I have learned how to identify the investigators needs and then how to try to teach to those needs.  I have also learned how the gospel really relates to every single person out there because it can help them in so many different ways.  Also! Elder D. Todd Christofferson came on Tuesday night for our devotional!!! It was awesome! He is such a good speaker and it was very interactive.  We basically got to have a lesson with him about the Doctrine of Christ, and repentance, and our purpose in serving the Lord! It's exciting to be out here!

Oh . . .. .  so the food . . . .    it was pretty good for about 2 days . .  but then it gets old very quickly!   haha Im pretty sure I gained like 8 pounds the first couple days, but then I decided the food wasnt very good and I was tired of being full all the time! So Im pretty sure I lost it all again . . . ha.    Oh and on another note, I ran during gym for the first time in forever, and I still ran a mile in less than 7 minutes! so that was good to know Im still somewhat in shape!  ha ha

Well I guess I should tell you about my companion!!! His name is Elder Thomas Clarke.  He is a skinny white kid a little shorter than me. He played trumpet in band for a long time and he isnt too coordinated when it comes to sports! hahah its funny :) but he is a great guy and he is very good at asking the right questions when we are teaching investigators.  He is awesome!!

Our teachers here are completely awesome! One is Brother Ang, (which would be funnyif you have seen Avatar the last airbender, Jamie should get it!)  and another is Brother Clements.  Bro Clements is soooooo energetic and excited all the time!! It is cool andit makes me more excited about what we are here to do and how we can best go about sharing our message! I sorta think I will be like that for most of my mission.  I usually am peretty energetic!  

On another note, thanks for sending the letter and emails mom! you are awesome and I love you so much. Oh and thanks Jamie for the update on the Braves! and the rest of your letter was good too! Oh and the rest of you, I love you guys too!!! :)   I hope you all had tons of fun at Natalie's white coat ceremony!!!! I saw the pictures! They were cute :)  Love you guys and miss you!!

Well I only have 4 minutes left . . ... ahhhhhhhhh so I guess I leave you now but I want to let you guys know how thankful I am for you guys and encouraging me to go on a mission! I love this gospel and I know it is true.  I cant wait to share this happiness that I have with everyone in Ogden!  Sooo great :)  anyway!

Love you . . .  Miss you  . .
God lives . . .   .      Jesus Christ is our Savior and he loves us.

Peak The Strategy 

    Elder Hansen

P.S.  Natalie, did you put the pictures on the flash drive for Melissa yetÉ   Just checking, cause she is leaving for Belgium in a week and a half so maybe Jamie could get them to her by thenÉ

okay bye :)

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