He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey there!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!
Thanks for all your support and love and prayers! They help us a lot. 
Alright.  This week was actually a pretty slow week.  Most of the people that we work with rescheduled appointments or just weren't home.  It was rough.  So yeah  . . 
On Tuesday we ate at a Greek place.  It was really good.  Its called Mad Greek.  I liked it a lot. 
 On Thursday we had District Meeting that I think actually went very well.  I trained on the Book of Mormon and its vitality in the conversion of our investigators.  It was pretty sweet. 
Hmmmmm  . . . what else. . .  Oh!  One of the Elders who went home about 3 months ago came back to visit and we hung out with him for a bit!  His name is Clay Lanier. .  Its still weird to say his first name though . .  ha ha but its all good.  He is doing well!  But he brought a girl with him . . .   they are dating ha ha but she was pretty cool so its all good.  I just think its funny, I could see him married in like a couple months! ha ha!
We told two of our investigators this week that they couldn't drink coffee and they freaked out and didn't want to get baptized anymore....  It was really lame.  .  .    over a stupid cup of coffee . . . .   ugh  .  . .  but we tried to explain to them about the word of wisdom and that it is revelation from God, but they weren't listening  . . .    But we are still going to try to help them.  They are still great people, they just need some more help and guidance. 
What else  . . . .
Well I was going to not tell you all this because I thought Mom would be a little freaked out, but I'll tell you anyway . . . ha ha it wasn't very bad anyway.
2 days ago on Saturday night, we were walking around and it was getting late so we were going to head in soon.  We were walking and this guy saw us and said "Are you the Mormons??!!"  He came up to us and we were like "ya we are!"  and he was like, "just the people who I needed to see".  He was an average height black dude and he was holding a beer with a white shirt wrapped around his hand.  As we listened to him, I noticed there were a lot of red spots on the white collar shirt that was wrapped around his hand.  Yeah . . it was blood. ha ha we started talking to him and he was sooo drunk and he told us that he had just gotten into a fight and had just gotten stabbed! He showed us his hand and there was a pretty deep cut in it and it was bleeding a lot.  At this point I started to get a little nervous because as we talked a man walked by him and he stepped back into him and then yelled at him using all manner of profanity (ha ha) and got very angry.  I thought he was going to do something bad to us or the other guy, but for some reason he didnt do or say anything bad to us.  He just wanted us to show him where the nearest bus stop was.  I am glad he didnt turn on us like he did on that other guy.  He was callin us his "niggas"  . .  it was funny.  and then at the end he said group hug, and hugged us . . .  it was so random.. and a little crazy ..  ..  ha ha but Im glad the Lord knows us and is protecting us, because I could have seen that situation going a lot differently if we werent wearing these tags and serving Him and being watched over by the Lord.  So yeah!
Well thats about it for this week....
Oh but one more thing!  This week some Tongans fed us horse meat!!!  ha ha! It was actually very delicious.  I liked it a lot and they gave us some to take home! So we have been making horse sandwiches and my companion Elder Driskell even put some on a slice of cheese pizza!  Horse Pizza!  hahahahaha  sounds weird, but he said it was good. :)  I like trying different foods! Its funny to think that when I was little I wouldn't try anything! 
gotta run!
Love you all!!
-Elder Hansen
Peak The Strategy

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