He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013


Well hello!  How is everyone??  I hope you all are doing fantastic and
staying healthy, happy, and safe in this winter weather!  How much
snow was there in Colorado??  Nothing in Oregon right?  ha ha well we
got about 2 or 3 feet.  It was pretty intense!
Anyway, this week was transfers!  I am still in the same area with
Elder Lee still.  No changes.  Still trying to learn swahili as well.
We had some interesting experiences this week!
First off we woke up on Wednesday morning and went to go leave to go
to the mission office.  We go outside to our car and we can't find it!
 It wasn't where we left it!  At first I thought it was a prank by
some other missionaries and that I had accidentally left it unlocked
and that they had put it in neutral and pushed it somewhere else, but
after looking around we couldn't find it still.  Then I was scared
that it had gotten stolen!!  So we made some phone calls to our
landlord and some other people and found out that it had gotten
towed!!!! pfffff!  Soo stupid.  It was parked in OUR parking spot
behind OUR apartment.  I have been parking in the same spot for 2
months! And then randomly it gets towed because we were supposed to
have some sort of parking permit that we had no idea about!  So yeah .
..  We got our car back later that day and it cost $214!!  Thats a
freaking lot! We got a permit for the car now so we don't get towed
again, but I feel so jipped because we didnt even know anything about
it and now we are supposed to pay for half of the towing cost.  So
Elder Lee and I each owe like 50 or 60 dollars.   So that was pretty
Other than that we actually got some good missionary work done!  We
found some new people to teach and put them on date to be baptized on
the 10th of February.  Also we put another family on date to be
baptized on the 3rd of March right after the father gets back from
Kentucky.  They have been taught a lot and want to be baptized! So
things are looking up :)
Then when the storm hit, we were told that we couldn't use our cars
all day on Friday.  And our investigators live very far away!  So we
helped shovel some driveways and helped some other Elders that live
close by with their missionary work.  Then Saturday we just taught
some more people.
Hmmmmm . . . anything else crazy happen?  I don't think so.  Just
trying to help everyone come closer to Christ.  In the Swahili program
our purpose can mean a lot of other things as well though.  Like
helping these people learn english or set up their internet!  We did
that last night for a man named Innocent and his wife.  So yeah.  "Ask
the missionaries,  they can help you!"  Its the truth!
Well I love you all.  I'll have to keep this pretty short because we
have some other errands and things to do today.

I know God lives.
He loves us.
This church is true.
Love you all!

-Elder Hansen

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