He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Alright. Thanks for your love and support as usual! I miss you all and I am very happy that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years together!
Well, life is pretty normal.  Last week we had an activity as a mission for new years eve.  It was fun.  Just eating food, hanging out with other elders and having a good time.  There was a really funny talent show as well.  So overall it was a good new years eve.  
Actual New Years day was a little frustrating.  We are supposed to go out and work and talk to people, but not many people want to talk to the elders on this holiday!  People are usually with family and trying to enjoy the short time they have together.  So it wasn't the best day for missionary work, but we still got some good things accomplished.
This week we had a zone meeting and set a goal for baptisms this month.  For the month of January the Salt Lake Zone has a goal of 40!!!  Its pretty high, but it is a possible goal.  With the Lord's help I believe we can reach this goal.  I am excited for this next month of missionary work.  
The Swahili branch is still struggling a little.  Not many people to teach and a lot of the members are a little corrupt...  Its a little disheartening, but we are trying to help everyone in the branch.  Non-members and members alike.  There is a lot of work to do.  We have had a week of going through lists and trying to find more people to teach that can progress in the gospel and come closer to the Savior by being baptized.  We taught some great lessons last week and should have a lot more this week.  
Well not much else is new....
We met with the Espae family a lot (they are recent converts except for one of the daughters, Fazili, who we are trying to work with) .  .   .   They are funny!  I am sending you a couple pictures of us with them.  We went over there one evening and there was a party going on.  It turns out it was a relief society activity at their home!  They invited us in and fed us African food.   Fish head and some white playdoh looking stuff that they call FooFoo (There is another name for it that they use sometimes but I forget it...) . . It was interesting.. :)  It was actually good though!  But when we left we smelled like nasty fish. . .  The smell still won't come out of my jacket :/   . .   Its gross. .  . ha ha but its all good.  We know we have had a good day if we come home smelling like Africans :)  ha ha ha no joke! They have a distinct smell!  We even use that smell to find them sometimes! ha ha anyway, My companion Elder Lee pulled out his camera and immediately all the little kids wanted to have their picture taken so they all jump in next to you and then you take a couple pictures! So thats what these pictures are.

Well nothing else to report.  Stake conference was yesterday.  It was cool.  One of the counselors from the SLC Temple Presidency and his wife spoke to us.  It was very uplifting.  The goal of going to the temple and being sealed there as a family is very important!!  For everyone!  We are so lucky to have temples all around us. Don't forget to go to the temple as often as you can!!!  It is a very important work!   

Well thanks so much Mom and Dad for the package this week of all the Christmas cookies and stuff! :)  It was soo good!  I already ate a lot of it!  ha ha thanks so much for sending it!
I love you all!
The church is true.
Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.


-Elder Hansen

Peak The Strategy!

P.S. My hand is doing a lot better.  After they stopped wrapping it up all the time it healed quickly and now it is doing well! I won't get full range of motion back because I destroyed the pulley in my finger and they couldn't repair that, but it is doing well.  Just letting you know so you don't worry about it Mom! ha ha :P

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