He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hey!   Whats up my family???   Thanks for all your emails and letters!! Seriously . . it makes me feel so much better to just see what is going on in your lives a little and hear how you are!  Thanks mom for the letters! Elder Miller and I will reply soon to those surveys :)  You are awesome.  Paula thanks so much for that card and those pictures!!!! Soo cute :)  I love the first one of Katie and Christopher!  Christopher looks so funny :) it made me laugh.  Its good to hear that everything is going pretty well out there!

Anyway,  soo yeah . . .   not too much has happened .  Its been pretty rough trying to find people to teach . .   .    Nobody will listen . .  appointments fall through .    . . Its sorta lame, but We are still teaching James!! AND  he came to church on Sunday!!!  :)  It was awesome! We have taught him 3 or 4 times now and he is growing so much. He is already gaining a testimony of this gospel!  I love it.  He is solid.   Yeah, but Sunday was crazy!  It was fast Sunday .  so that was hard because we are riding bikes now all over.  We went to 4 ward council meetings and 3 sacrament meetings (bearing our testimonies in each)  and a correlation meeting with us and all the Ward Mission leaders from both the Farmington Stake and the Farmington West Stake. It was a looong fast sunday . . .   But it was awesome.  We are really trying to get the work going out her4e and it seems like as we put forth our best effort we are blessed with success.  One thing I have realized though is that your success may not come from who you are out talking to and working with all day.  The Lord will bless us with a referral from a bishop or ward mission leader as we get out  and work everyday!  Its good. . .    long, but good :)     ha ha well anyway,  Holy Cow . ..  . What else is there to talk about . . .    Well Lagoon is in our area!  That sorta torture . .   ha ha but its okay.   

Oh and the missionaries in the Ogden Mission are putting on a fireside in bountiful this Sunday.  We are singing in it with the missionary choir.  Its gonna be sweet :) its just a small little fireside at a chapel, but it was nice to be able to sing songs in a choir like that again.  We had rehearsal already, and they are doing some awesome songs.  Anyway . ..  

Yeah  .   . .           Sorry this is so short, I just dont know what else to tell you guys.  The work is picking up.  We are trying very hard.  We ride our bikes errwhere with our suits on which is not too comfortable haha.  We have a couple baptismal dates and we are working with some less actives.   Soo yeah . .   The church is true.  Heavenly Father Loves us and wants to bless us so long as we keep his commandments and live our lives according to his gospel.  Jesus Christ is our Savior.  He died and was resurrected so that we could be washed clean of our sins and live with him again.  I love this church.  It gives me strength to keep moving forward and strive to help others and share what we have with them.  Godspeed.

Peak The Strategy

Love you all,

-Elder Hansen

P.S.  I might try and send some pictures in an email in a couple minutes.  If not I will next week.  Sweet . . . peace .

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