He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Well hello my family!
pffffffffff  ha ha how is everyone doing?? I heard you guys were all at Paula's recently??  soo nuts! thats like about 30 minutes away from here! at most!  ha . .   crazy . .  Anyway, hope all is well and that you all are having a GREAT summer!  Oh and thanks for all your emails this week! I dont have time to reply individually this week :(  We have to write our new Mission president an email today and take some surveys for the old mission too so I don't have time, but thanks for writing! It's soo good to hear from all of you!!
Anyway . . . . .
Sooo . . . this week was crazy!!  We had so much going on.   Mission Conference was on Thursday!  We went up to Ogden early in the morning and heard sorta farewell talks from our Mission President and his wife.   They are awesome! Im gonna miss them  . .   but then we had a short training form the APs and then lunch and then guess who cam down to our conference???!!     John Schmidt!!!  He is AWESOME!  He is actually the high priest over singles wards in Bountiful!  So he came up there for a couple hours and played piano for us.  He is incredible!  Jamie plays a lot of his pieces like Waterfall and All of Me and stuff like that.   He played both of those and it was soo intense.   He wrote Waterfall when he was 17 years old for some girl ha ha. He is extremely talented!  He played many different pieces for us including the remix thing he wrote of Taylor Swifts You belong with me and Coldplays Viva la Vida!!! It was tight!!!!!!  So that was pretty much a big highlight of this week! :)  I bet you all are a little jealous.  At least I know Jamie is!!  Ha ha it was cool :)  Anyway . .  On a more spiritual note, we had quite a few miracles this week!  We have been having a pretty hard time lately getting people to help us especially members getting their friends interested and actually inviting them to meet with us.   But we were heading out to work one day, and then got a couple phone calls and knocked on a couple doors and in all of 30 minutes we had 2 or 3 strong potentials that we were getting lessons set up with!  It was awesome!  Sadly, at the beginning of this week some of them decided they didnt want to meet with us :( but we are still trying! Its good.   And we had our first baptism in the area this last Saturday!!! It was great!  I baptized James.  It was cool :) His leg came out of the water the first time though so I had to do it again, but it was okay! He is solid.  Then he got confirmed the next day! Im excited for him! This gospel will change his life .   I love it.  Anyway, also at the baptism, his mom came and she doesn't speak English, only mandarin. .   But a returned sister missionary from the ward actually said the closing prayer in mandarin for her! It was awesome :)  We hope to baptize James' brother and then maybe the mom will soften up enough to be baptized!  Its great! Sooooo yeah

Well we also had the missionary fireside!  I like how you guys joked about going up there to see it. . . . I wish you could have!  not really to see me, but just to feel how strong the spirit was there! It was so powerful.  It was the best fireside we had done yet and a lot of people showed up! the tabernacle was pretty much full.  It was awesome to share our testimonies through all our songs and stuff.  Oh and afterward the organ player who is an Elder from Hungry who has played since he was a little kid, played Phantom of the Opera . . ! and this short sister who just came into the mission is an opera singer so her and this elder who is also very talented sung it! It was actually really good.  It sounded like the real deal . .   soo yeah

 Hmm what else . .  Oh! We went to the Logan temple this morning!!! :)  I loved it!  sooo great! I am glad we got to go up there before the mission split!  But yeah,  overall its been a great week!  Learned a lot.   Been teaching more and more and trying to do better each time.   The work is hard, but rewarding. 
God lives.  He loves us. Jesus is the Christ and He is our Redeemer.  The church is true.
Love you all and miss you!
-Elder Hansen
p.s. I am attaching a picture from Logan this morning!   Sweet :)

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