He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012


Hey there! how are are all of you?  i decided not to capitalize because i can only type with my left hand...   .    .
so yeah...   I had surgery this week on my hand.  It went well!  I was put under for it and stuff, but they reattached the tendon.  The other thing is that when i cut my finger, i destroyed the A4 pulley in my finger so i won't get all my strength back in my pinkie, but it doesnt matter.  Its fine.    I am having physical therapy twice a week to loosen it up and to try to get full use of my finger back...  so thats cool i guess.  It hurts a lot.   I don't like physical therapists.... they are mean.  ha ha but its all good.
Hmmmm well what else happened this week.....  It takes me forever to type and write because I can only do it with my left hand so this email will probably be shorter than usual.   sorry...   

Well I got to call Mom and Dad the day after my surgery to let them know that I am alright!  so that was fun :)  it was short but great to hear your voices and hear your reactions when I called and told you it was me!!!! ha ha ha I love you all and miss you a lot.  

So the day after my surgery, a man from the missionary department (mtc) came to observe us doing missionary work all day.  He only went with 4 elders total from our mission and President Winn chose elder helmstetter and I as 2 of them!  So that was pretty cool.  It was also really hard though because I was in a lot of pain from the surgery the day before, but I couldn't take any heavy medication (percocet) or else I couldn't focus well enough to teach or anything..... But it worked out alright! He paid for our dinner at crown burger that night as well, so it was worth it :) haha

This week we also met some white people, tina and joey.  They were a wreck..... Joey came home from war a couple weeks ago and he has just been drinking a ton to drown out the horrible memories he has from the war... He got shot multiple times and a car bomb went off and blew out most of his teeth... Tina's husband passed away about a couple months ago.  When Joey got back from war, he found Tina and she hadn't eaten any food in 27 days.........  She was almost dead.  He took her to the hospital and they taught her how to eat again and helped her.  We were referred to them to go give them a blessing. We got there and Joey was sooo drunk.  and tina wouldn't come to.  Eventually after 5 minutes of Joey shaking her trying to wake her up she started to come around.  we gave them both blessings and there was a very noticeable change in Tina.  She is not a member, but she got a lot better and wants to be baptized!  She went to the hospital again this week and almost died.   She flat lined.  But they brought her back.  They both need to quite drinking and smoking quickly...  but as of now they are doing alright. We passed them to the english elders so that they can be taught and get help.    So that was a very interesting experience!

Hmmm what else......   

We taught people.  We took a lot of drugs so that we wouldn't hurt so bad, both me with my hand and elder helmstetter with his leg.    So yeah.   still trying to learn swahili!  Its not very easy. But its getting there.    
Oh! also funny story..  Right when I came out of surgery the nurse who was helping me wasn't a member.  I was still very out of it, but I taught her some of the lessons!  I talk about Christ, then about priesthood, then Word of wisdom and tithing......  they didnt really fit together, but I was really drugged so its not my fault.. ha ha :)  I also invited her to church.   She said maybe sometime... so probably not.   Oh well.  ha ha I just thought it was funny that that was the first thing I was talking about.  I also was talking about learning swahili.  ha ha    anyway....

A new family just got here from Uganda 3 days ago! straight from the refugee camp!  We are going to start teaching them this week and the church is going to help them get food etc.    Should be awesome! If all goes well, they will be baptized in a couple weeks :)  

I probably have more I should say, but I can't type anymore... my hand hurts, and I am out of time...
But I love you all!
Things are going great.  I love the work.  I am currently on 0 medication and its feeling okay so thats good.  The physical therapist was impressed that it can move so much already, so everything looks good.

also here is a picture that they took at church.  I forget the young boy's name, but the little girl's name is Fortuna.  She is the cutest little kid ever! :)  ha ha anyway,  I love the swahili people.  they are amazing.   
God lives and he loves us.
Jesus is the Christ.
The church is true.


-Elder Hansen.

Peak the Strategy.

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