He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Erda Days

Hello family!
Thanks for all the emails and letters as always.  I love you all!

Well I seriously have like no time left to email.....  oops.  We submit our key indicators (numbers) online now.... and since I am a zone leader we have to make sure that everyone puts in their numbers.  So pretty much half of my computer time is spent doing that.......  Lame right??  But its all good.

This week was awesome.   We did exchanges with Elder Serrao and Elder Kolomalu.  Both are Polynesian.  It was fun.  We got a lot done and I learned a lot from one of our District Leaders -->Elder Serrao.   
We also just taught lessons as usual and got some things organized for the baptisms coming up on the 27th of July.  We should have 3 if everything goes well.  
Hmmm what else?  
Oh!  Erda days! That was on Friday and Saturday,  There was a short parade.  It was realllly small. ha ha then there was a barbecue / picnic.  It was fun.  Met some good people and made some contacts.  

Well.  Other than that we had church on Sunday as usual.  There was a missionary farewell and a missionary homecoming and we taught a lesson during church as well.  busy busy.  Dinner was awesome.  It was with the Heder family.  Such a nice family.  Their home is so full of the spirit and they are just amazing people.  So willing to follow the spirit and follow whatever the Lord tells them to do.  

Alright.   No more time. :( sorry.

Love you all!  Keep being awesome!  Tell Daniel I say hey! and that he is a boss. 


-Elder Hansen

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