He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

...out of ideas...(that's why there are repeats)

Hello my wonderful family!  I miss and love you all.  Thanks for the letters and emails.  I appreciate it.
Well I am going to make it short this week. Like really short.  But I am going to send a lot of pictures.  Deal?
Okay.  This week we had Mission Leader Council on Tuesday morning.  It was pretty long.  8:00am to about 1:00pm....  Learned a lot though and am very excited about the changes I am making and the changes that others in the mission are making to become better disciples and even closer to the Savior in his work.  Our mission is heading in the right direction, I hope it continues to do so and can accelerate to the goals and the vision that we have seen that the Lord has for the Salt Lake City mission.  Word.
We had zone meeting this week so Elder Lawrence and I took some time to prepare for the training we would give.  We made it pretty fun and ridiculous, but memorable and I definitely learned a lot from it so I hope the rest of the zone did as well.  I will send pictures of what we did.  In brief explanation we drew a picture of a mountain with our mission baptism goal by the end of the year at the top and a little dude at the bottom and a bunch of obstacles he has to overcome to get to the top and achieve his goal. Here are the obstacles and the solutions. 
1) a fork in the path -> ask "old man rivers" which path to take (ask everyone we meet for referrals) 
2) a pack of ravenous wolves -> call on the "Local Natives" to help you out. (work in unity with ward and stake leaders.) 
3) "Ranger Rick" is laying beside the trail and needs CPR (Helping our investigators gain a testimony through Church Prayer + Reading the scriptures / spiritual CPR.) 
4) Your friends are going down the wrong path -> Quickly call them to come back (invite investigators to follow Christ and be baptized EARLY in the teaching process.) 
5) There is a huge cliff and no way to get around it. -> Miraculously giant eagles come and fly you across the gap! (Pray for and expect miracles as you do the Lord's work.) 
6) The Dragon of doubt comes and tries to attack you and make you think it is impossible to make it to the top. -> we use the weapon of Faith in this case a crazy powerful light beam. (We use faith and believe we can reach our goal to overcome all doubt.)
Hopefully you can see all that in the picture.  The point is that as we do all the principles in parenthesis we will increase in convert baptisms and achieve our mission goal of 750 baptism by the end of the year.  pretty sick. :)
The other part of our training we focused in on working in unity with ward and stake leaders and had each companionship work together, the person in front could not use their arms but could see what was going on and the person behind was the arms and hands but couldn't see.  We had them make brownie sundaes.  It was fun.  I'll send a picture of that too.  The idea there is that the ward and stake leaders here are the people in front.  They can see what is happening in the area and hear everything and know what needs to happen.  The missionaries are the arms and hands.  We are the work force. We can't always see the whole picture and know what needs to happen but as we listen to our ward and stake leaders we can make miracles happen.  And make some pretty good ice cream sundaes :)  If we don't listen and heed their counsel then things go a little differently.  It makes quite the mess.  :P
So that was our training.  I liked it. :)  So much for this being a short email...... Anyways.  Other than that we just taught a lot of lessons.  Had everyone come to church! :)  It was such a blessing and we found a new family with a unbaptized child that is eager to be baptized.  They have a very cool story.  He is preparing for the 24th.  It was funny, before we went into the lesson we planned on inviting him for the 17th of August.  But literally as I was inviting him the spirit told me to say the 24th of August instead.  It turns out that weekend is the weekend that his sister will be in town and that is what they were hoping for as well.  Just little miracles like that make me happy. :)  The church is true.
We gave a youth lesson yesterday and spoke in a sacrament meeting.  The ward we spoke in was the Farmington Ranches 2nd ward.  I am pretty sure I spoke 1 year ago in that ward!  ha ha I got to see some of the people that got baptized while I was here last year and one lady is going to the temple!  Her name is Tiffany Montgomery.  She is receiving her endowment on the 28th of August.  We are probably going to get to go with them as well. :) They invited us and I am so excited to see her take this step! :)  What a blessing it is to be a missionary.  The best time of my life.  I love teaching and sharing the gospel.
Well I have rambled on long enough.  I love you all!  I miss you and hope everything is well. 
Have a good week! I know we will. :)
-Elder Hansen
Peak the Strategy 

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