He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Natalie!!!

HELLO!  Wow. So yeah.  Another crazy week.  Thanks for all the emails and support.

So. I got transferred.....  I left Erda and Stansbury.  It was really sad to leave. That was one of my favorite areas.  The people there are amazing.  So it was really hard to pack up everything and leave.  I didn't even get to say goodbye to half the people that I wanted to.  We had only a couple hours to say goodbye.  But its okay.  I will go back to visit those people after my mission.  
Wednesday was transfer day.  We came down to Salt Lake and had a quick meeting.  About 40 new missionaries came into our mission.  2 from Colorado!  But yeah.  I thought for sure I was either going to Layton or Bountiful because I have pretty much served everywhere else.  But then I found out that I was going back to Farmington!!!! :)  :)  so legit!  My new companion is Elder Lawrence.  He is such a boss.  He is from Spokane, Washington.  He has been on his mission for almost as long as I have.  I am really excited for this transfer.  I think we will do well.  The zone is already on fire.  It is such a blessing to see success.  I hope that we can continue to see this blessing as we put forth our efforts and faith.  

Word.  We had dinner with the family that I had my very first dinner with in the mission field!!! It has been over a year.  It was funny to catch up and to talk with them.  
The rest of the week has just been trying to figure out who we are teaching, who the leadership is in the stakes that we cover and what we need to do to help them and get the work moving faster here.  We cover 3 stakes.  The Farmington West Stake, Farmington North Stake, and Farmington Oakridge Stake.   That amounts to 26 wards.........  So there are a lot of people we need to meet and get acquainted with.  We started with the stake presidents.  Met with all three of them and have a more solid vision for what they want to happen here.  Then started in on the bishops.  We visited a lot of them, but definitely not all of them.  Probably about 10 err so.  We had some good lessons this week and put a mother and father on-date for baptism on the 24th of August.  They are great people.  I am excited to keep teaching them and helping them prepare for that.  Then some other lessons with a lady named Debbie who is preparing for the 20th and a boy named Aden that is preparing for the 17th.  So yeah. The area is moving.  Could always use more though!

Well then church on Sunday.  We went to 6 or 7 wards but still that isn't much in comparison to the amount we cover.  Crazy thing that happened at church! I was walking past one of those bulletin boards for missionaries in the church and for some reason I stopped and went back to look at it.  Guess who I saw?!?!? Elder Trevor Luke!!!!  Ha ha I freaked out a bit.  Then asked my companion if we cover that ward.  And he told me that we do!  So we went to their ward for some of sacrament and I heard a young girl talking about going to girls camp.  It was Heather Luke!  I have no idea how she is already in young womens.  It doesn't make any sense to me.... ha ha so I found the Lukes after sacrament and talked with them!  Trevor just got back on Wednesday (same time as Wade)  and Tanner was there too.  He is 18.  So crazy!  So they took a picture with me and let me know that they are going to Colorado this week.  So that was awesome.  Its weird to see people you know on a mission.  And its funny cause we cover their ward so we will probably take Tanner and Trevor out with us to do splits sometime!  ha ha crazy.

Alright well that is about it for this week.  I forgot to bring my camera so I can't send any pictures..... sorry. But next week I'll send a ton!  sound good?  
Oh and at this point we don't have a solid address..... So if you could just send it to the mission office until I let you know that would be great! Love you all!!!!!!!!!

Have a good week!

The church is true.  I love this gospel and I love sharing it.  Keep the faith.


-Elder Hansen

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