He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Crazy week!

Hello!!  Well this week has been all over the place.  It has been great though. 
So as you know on Tuesday I got transferred to Bountiful Stone Creek Stake.  On Monday before that I went to the temple with the missionaries that were about to go home.  It was really cool.  A long session though because there were so many people!  It was because a lot of people stayed an extra day after conference to go to the temple.  I liked going to those temple trips before when I wasn't the one going home because I got to say goodbye to a lot of great friends and previous companions.  But now being the one that is leaving soon it was different.  It still hasn't sunk in quite yet!  On Tuesday the departing missionaries have a special testimony meeting in the evening where they all invite member families, past recent converts, and investigators and bear their testimonies.  Since I will be gone for the next one, I bore my testimony at this one.  It was a cool but kind of sad experience.  The good part was that I got to say that I am staying for another month or so!  So afterwards we went and taught a lesson to a less-active family!  It was great, but the meeting was so powerful.  Hearing missionaries right before they leave talk about what they learned and bear their testimonies is something else. 
Anyways, enough about that!  After those couple rough days, the week has been back to normal.  Teaching and finding and doing the Lord's work!  We had a lot of cancelled appointments this week though.  It always happens.  Im not sure how to get around it.  But we are meeting with some wonderful families that are progressing toward full activity in the church.  We are also teaching a few that are looking toward baptism.  I hope to see more success before I leave in helping people participate in ordinances.
Well. Today we went hiking.  Hiked up to the "V" in Centerville.  It wasn't a hard hike at all, but it was pretty fun.  I'll send a picture or two.  Other than that we have just been moving forward.  Trying to help people make changes in their lives.  Its a good time :) 
Love you all!  Hope everything is going well and that you are all healthy and happy.
-Elder Hansen
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