He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My ankle is ripped!

Hey there.  Thanks for the emails and letters as always!

Well this feels weird. Writing home for the 2nd to last time.  Hmmmmmm.  Oh well. I don't like thinking about it.

This week has been awesome!  We have been teaching a lot and the members have been involved in almost every lesson.  It has been a blessing.  We found another new person to teach!  Her name is Emily. She is very open to learning which is great. 

Dylan is doing well also!  He is going to be baptized on the 9th of May! Right before I leave.  I am so happy for him.  He came to the regional conference yesterday down in Salt Lake City.  We sat together on the 5th row in the conference center.  It was an awesome conference.  Elder Niel L. Anderson spoke.  He is so inspired.  He talked about faith, diligence, and patience.  It was great.  Also Elder Arnold of the Seventy spoke and talked about hastening the work!  He used examples of families that were taught by missionaries in our mission! There were some pictures shown as well.  It was cool.  

The night before Elder Hawkins and I had the opportunity to speak in the adult session of stake conference.  It was good!  It was sad to think it was the last time I would get to speak as a missionary, but it was awesome to be able to share some of the things that I have learned about being a member missionary and hastening the work after serving 2 years in Utah.  The members here are amazing.  I hope they keep inviting their friends and helping the work to go forward here.

Well.  Other than that, I guess I should tell you what really happened to my ankle.  It is not just buff.  I just rolled it pretty bad playing basketball, but I am fine.  I can walk pretty well still and it won't hinder the work at all.  Glad we have a car though. :)  Anyways, it is completely fine so don't worry about it (mom... :)  )  

Alright, Love you all!!  The church is true.  The work is hastening!  Keep inviting your friends and neighbors and doing what you are supposed to.  Jesus Christ is our Savior.  I owe everything in my life to him and the love he has for me and my family.

-Elder Hansen

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