He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July!
Well hey ma familia . . .   How are you guys?? It was great to hear from you guys! I dont have time to reply to you all individually this week :/  but I read through all your emails and they were great!  I can't believe you are going to Hawaii Jamie!!?!?!?!?!  Soo nuts!  You are one lucky duck . . I am a little jealous . . . But its good out here!

Hmmm welll this week was alright!  It was the 4th of July soo that was good! We went down to Salt Lake and went to a park for Mission Conference and just ate a bunch of food and played sports.    There are a bunch of polys (Polynesians) in our mission and I was the only white kid playing volleyball with them! It was sweet :) they are good ha ha so its fun to play with them. 
Oh and that morning we met our Mission President.  It was cool . .  Him, his wife, the APs, and our zone leaders were all crammed into our tiny apartment thing. . .It was weird . . and they didnt seem like they wanted to be there . . The whole thing was a little weird and seemed sorta unnecessary,  but it was nice to meet him.  He is a very loving man and I am glad he is my mission president!
Well what else . . .
We have been teaching a little more,  and mostly still trying to find people . . I wish the wards would start helping more . . but its alright, we just keep trying to get them involved and stuff.  it'll keep getting better. 
OH!  A crazy connection was made yesterday!  I met a Brother Smith at one of the wards yesterday and guess who his brother is?!?!  Everett Smith from the Louisville Ward!!!!!! It was awesome :)  He was my young mens leader for a while and stuff . . So that was cool :)  And Yeah this lady that was a little crazy asked us for our parents numbers and called you guys to tell you we are doing well . . ha ha she was a little nuts, but she insisted on calling you guys so yeah . .
Well Not too much else has happened.   A lot of new rules in the new mission . . Like no caffeine (good thing I stopped drinking it and decided not to for these 2 years before I left.)  and only Motab and church hymns .  And nightly call ins instead of weekly . . and just different stuff all around .. It will take some getting used to but its all good.

I love you all and miss you too!  Hope you guys had a wonderful 4th!  
God lives and loves us.  Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.
The church is true.

-Elder Hansen
Peak the Strategy

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