He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hola ma familia!     How is everyone???  Thanks for your letters and emails and love and support!  you guys are awesome.   Sounds like you guys are having fun out there!  Miss you!

Sooo this week has been interesting.   found out that I was getting transferred to Salt Lake City . . Cannon Zone . .  Pioneer Stake.   32nd and 25th wards . . .    we only cover two wards whereas we covered 15 in farmington. .  .  so yeah there is a lot of differences here.    Its a poor neighborhood.     pretty ghetto.   but awesome people. :)   They are a lot more humble than the rich white people in farmington!  hahaha but its good. . there is plenty of work to do here.   I dont have much time to write today because I still have to email president and he asked us to write a lot this week.   so yeah . . but basically  we got to the area,  bought food,  tracted a lot most of the days . . ate with Tongans a lot (there are a ton in this area :) )   So got fed a LOT of food . ..   I might get fat . . ehh whatever!   And then we have been teaching people a little!  We had 3 people on date for baptism, but then none of them showed up for church .. . :(  it sucked . .   but the 2 can still get baptized because they have been to church a lot, but the other one has to be pushed back a week . . . so thats pretty lame, but we really are trying to get the work going faster out here.   And I think it'll work, it just might take a bit of time . . . But thats okay!  The Lord will help us.  Anyway,  the new area is good. . .   Like I said in the other email its just west of I-15 in downtown Salt Lake City!  you can see some of the high rise buildings from most of our area.   Its cool . .  We are only teaching black people, but Im fine with that :) so long as they will listen and want to hear about Jesus Christ and about his gospel .    I dont care who they are as long as they will listen :)  haha but yeah  . .. not much else to report . ..  Mom, the random picture you got from some lady was because she asked to take a picture of us in Smiths and send it to both our moms. . .  so yeah haha it was random but that is me and my new companion, Elder Allen . . He is from Dallas Texas.   He is a cool guy. .  Not too talkative but good at just going out to work and not complaining which I like a lot :)     So yeah . . .     Well I gotta run . .  its been pretty busy and hectic lately but when things calm down a little more I will be able to write more and let you guys know more about who we are teaching and whats going on and stuff . . . So yeah!
Well . . . the church is true!
God lives and he loves us! 
Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer!
Have an Awesome week!

-Elder Hansen

Peak The Strategy

P.S.   Just send everything to the new address I gave to you on Thursday . . (except packages mom . . send that to the mission office!!)   We will just break in to our mailbox to get our mail out :)  hahah  . .   love you all!

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