He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello Family!   Hows it goin?!?!?!  haha soooo yeah . . Im sure most of you if not all of you have heard by now that I saw Paula and Brian and their kids this week!  It was crazy.   Basically I was reading during personal study and I moved my study journal and saw the invitation I received to Caleb Cox's wedding!  I opened it up again to look at what day it was on and it was that night, Friday night!  i thought hey maybe I could go, but didnt think much more about it till later.  Then at dinner we were eating with a really chill family (the Easters) so I randomly was like hey you guys want to go to Bountiful tonight?  And they said that sure they would take me if I got permission.  So I texted the APs and asked them if I could go up to Bountiful for my friends wedding reception for a couple minutes and they said yes as long as I got a ride with a member!!  So basically 30 minutes later we were in Bountiful up at the reception!  I walked in and everyone was so surprised.  Sister Cox was so happy to see me :)  Their whole family was.  It was so nice to see them and see Caleb.  I can't believe he just got married!!  Thats soo nuts.  Anyway.  Then Emily said oh your sister is coming in about an hour.  So I thought, well I should probably leave before then.   (Not cause I didnt want to, but cause Im not really supposed to see my family.)  Anyway, I talked to a lot of people then went to go get my camera to take a picture with the Cox family before I left.  On my way over I saw Steven Loveday! So I talked to him for a minute and then Paula and Brian walked in!!  It was crazy! haha it was nice to see them.  I can't believe how different Christopher looked already!  So yeah.  It was pretty unexpected but it was fun :) Then I talked to Natalie on the phone for like 2 minutes.  Sorry I couldn't wait for you guys to get there Natalie and Jamie!  I had to go.  And sorry if I was awkward or anything.  It was weird to talk to you guys and see you as a missionary!!!  So yeah . . forgive me,  but I consider it a blessing that I got to see some of you and know that you are still doing okay :)  
So yeah . . that was a great part of the week!   but as far as missionary work goes, this week was not the best . ..     but our recent convert got out of jail!! so thats good hahaha . .  His wife should be getting baptized this Saturday.   The problem right now is that we can't find anyone home.  And then the wards are not helping us at all.  I find it funny how a lot of people even though they are so poor here will feed us anyway when I would rather not eat or just eat ramen everyday if they would give us a referral instead!!! Seriously, nobody is trying to help us. .  . .  even the bishop of one ward seems very unwilling to help us.  I think that he thinks that we are not doing our job... which sucks cause I dont know what else we can do.   We go out and work hard everyday and we teach lessons in church if they ask and we are trying to do service when people will let us!!!  Seriously we ask to do service for everyone and it seems like around here it is obviously needed, but nobody will let us help. . . . . . Its weird.   So right now Im frustrated with how the work is going in these two wards, but I am trying hard to change the sterotype / false traditions of our fathers  so that people in the ward will like us and want us to help them and be around them and teach their nonmember friends!! 
Anyway, not much more than that!!!  I love you all!! Miss you guys.   I hope you all are doing well!  Good luck with school starting!  I dont have to go this year . . .   for the first time in a lot of years . . So thats weird!  But its good. . I'd rather be out here doing the work of the Lord :)    sick .
Alright, Have a great week!!!!
-Elder Hansen
Peak The Strat.
P.S. I'll try to send some pictures soon!!! sweet

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