He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hey Family!! 
Thanks for all your letters and emails!  I  miss you all.  Hope everything is going well for you guys.  I can't believe school is starting.  Woah.  Soo weird.  Anyway, some stuff happened this week.  Just the usual.  There was a baptism for the elders right next to us and the woman who got baptized was super prego!   yeah she was pregnant.  like a lot .     . . like she was in labor when she came to the baptism!  It was crazy! She was in the hospital and they were going to give her drugs to help the pain and stuff but she said she had to leave to go get baptized so she made it back to the area and was like 2 hours late, but she still got baptized and once she did she stopped having contractions and was doing much better! It was a miracle!   Still a little weird though. .   a woman who is in labor getting baptized.    Word!

Well other than that, we are trying really hard to get the work going in this area.  We are fasting and praying and working hard. . I just want it to pay off soon . haha  .  but anyway,  we found out that some other elders are teaching someone in our area..... they call it poaching!  Its stupid.  Its not supposed to be that way, but he is not "comfortable" in our ward so he is going somewhere else.  Bleh   its okay though. . Whatever is best for the investigator!!!  Anyway. 

Im gonna make this short today.   Cause I want to go play basketball and stuff for a bit..... wordski.  But I love you guys! 
I got to go to the Salt Lake Temple today!! :) it was awesome!!  Its so cool that we get to move room to room and it is done live! :)  Its fun.     We also went to temple square with an investigator this week.  It was sweet too!!  Went to downtown Salt Lake City a lot this week.      Also we teach a lot of Sudanese people!  We can go out of our zone and even out of our mission to teach the Sudanese people actually!  because they have a program in our ward for them.   So yeah. .  Its sweet :)

well have a great week!!!!
Love you,
-Elder Hansen
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