He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mission Tour

Hey Family!  How are you all doing this week??  I hope everyone is
doin well.  Thanks for your emails and letters.  You guys are awesome.
Well this week was interesting.  We taught a lot more and found some
new people to teach which was awesome!  We also had Mission Tour!  Its
basically like a zone conference meeting, but with more like 4 zones.
It was sweet.  Two elders from the first quorum of the seventy came
and spoke to us.  Elder Foster and Elder Whitting.  They were awesome!
 It was a very good meeting.  A little long (3 hours straight)  but I
learned a lot and got a lot out of it that applies to where I am
serving right now and how I can be a better missionary.  It was great.
  We also heard from our mission president and his wife.  They both
gave great talks.  It was cool :)
Hmmm what else was this week.   We did service for a couple people. .
.  We just worked every day . .  Same old.  haha.
So I forgot to tell you guys that President didnt end up coming out
with us the other week to teach, but he is coming out to teach with us
tonight!! So hopefully it will be a great lesson and we can invite
this new investigator to be baptized and he will accept.
Anyway,   not much else . . .  I spoke in sacrament yesterday.  They
told me I was going to speak about 1 or 2 hours before it started.  So
I didnt really prepare anything specific, but I think it went okay.
We ate at a Brazilians house and we are supposed to eat with them next
week as well and they are planning a Brazilian barbeque.  mmmmm  Im so
excited for that!  haha . .
Oh yeah! we were supposed to have two baptisms last Saturday, but they
both cancelled on us.     :(  One was sick and the other one fell off
the face of the planet. .   Seriously.  we can't find him anywhere!
hah . .  but I did get the opportunity to go back up to Farmington on
Saturday and see one of the investigators I taught, Tiffany
Montgomery, be baptized!  It was great!  I got to see Elder Miller
again too. It was sweet.  I hope to see them get sealed in the temple
in a year err so.  I will still be out here and I asked if I could go
and they said yes.  So Im gonna try to make sure it happens.  Word.
 Well  not much else to report.  Life as a missionary is great.  Very
rewarding.  also very draining . . haha Im getting pretty tired, but
its all good.  The Lord will help us have strength to do all the work
He needs done here.    So yeah . .  Well I hope you all have a
fantastic week!  I love you all.
-Elder Hansen

Peak The Strategy

P.S. This is a picture of Tiffany and her family and us.  Wordski. .
That was probably pretty self explanatory, but whateva.

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