He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012


Well this week was awesome!!  A lot happened  . . some crazy stuff . .  ha ha but thats just how it goes around here I spose :)   . . . First off thanks for the emails and letters Mom and Dad!!  Im sorry I dont have time to reply to youre individual emails right now, but know that they were greatly appreciated and I love to get them whenever you have the spare moment :) So thanks!!!!

Anyway, this week Christopher Good was baptized.   He is a 9 year old boy who just decided to be baptized!!  It was awesome!!  They almost didnt show up though! They thought it was at a different building so they werent there for the first baptism (because we were doing it with stake baptisms)  but we eventually found them after a lot of running around and he got baptized!!  Then they were like 15 minutes late to sacrament meeting soo he almost didnt get confirmed!!  It was scary, but they got there just in time and so he got confirmed and received the Holy Ghost yesterday!  It was awesome :)   we were supposed to have 2 or 3 baptisms this weekend, but some stuff happened soo we couldnt . . .   Basically one of our recent converts, his wife was supposed to be baptized on friday night.  But then she called us in the middle of the night on Friday but we didnt answer because we were asleep.  We called back and finally got a hold of her and she told us that her husband (the recent convert)  was in prison!!  . . . pfff . . so we were like umm . . well why is he there?  and it is hard to understand her because she is from the Congo, but it is something about driving with a suspended license and expired registration and some other stuff that we dont really know about . . so yeah!  That was interesting . .  
We had been knocking on their door all week to see if she was still going to be baptized and had been calling her a ton, and it turns out they moved to another apartment in the same building, but never told us. . .   haha but we have talked to her a lot in the last couple days and called the prison like 7 times to find out where her husband is at and when he will be back ..  its just been a little ridiculous. . . hah . .  so yeah . . hopefully the husband gets out today and we can figure out everything and she can still get baptized soon!!
This whole week has been sorta like what I told you about just now. .   Just crazy . .     We couldn't find our investigators anywhere!!!!!! We stopped by their houses and called them all like 50 times . . its ridiculous . .  but a lot of people dont have phones, or their phones dont work because they are out of money, or they move without telling you . . . hahaha its funny . . somewhat hard to get missionary work done when everyone is so flakey . .  but its all good . . we are trying our best and we have two more set baptisms for the 25th of august and a couple more hopefully on the 18th of august for these people who were supposed to be baptized this weekend.

So yeah!  Not much more to report.  We are workin hard. .  .  President Winn (our mission president) is planning on coming out to teach with us on Thursday night.  So we'll see how that goes. Hopefully we will have some solid appointments that actually are home and we can teach lessons . . thats the biggest struggle in this area . . Its hard to be patient when you lose contact with your investigator for 2 weeks even though you are trying your hardest to talk to them and find them and you go over to their house multiple times everyday. . .   haha but its good .  The church is true.   The gospel really blesses and changes peoples lives!  God lives and loves us!   I hope all is well with you guys!!  Its weird to not really know whats going on out there in the world.   But its pretty nice at the same time :) ignorance is bliss right??? hahaha well I love you all!!
miss you!  Have an awesome week ma familia!

-Elder Hansen
Peak the Strategy

P.S.  I have pictures from the baptism but I forgot to bring my camera to the library . . . oops!! but I may have an opportunity to send them later today!    . ..   word.

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