He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

General Conference!!

HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well holy cow. . .   first off, the mission ages changed!!!!! That is probably the biggest change in the church that has happened since I have been alive!! It is such as blessing to have continued revelation now on this earth through a living prophet of God.   Soo cool . . . that means all my friends who are younger can leave earlier and all the girls from our senior seminary class could leave whenever they wanted!  Its freakin nuts!!!  I hope this creates a surge in missionaries and a raise in the bar for missionary work throughout the world, INCLUDING MEMBERS!!!!      They hit that pretty hard and multiple times at conference.  We all need to be missionaries.  No matter what.  It is a commandment (3 Nephi 18:25)      . .   I love hearing from the general authorities and receiving revelation for my investigators and myself at conference.  I am so grateful for it!
Anyway,   How are you all doing?!?  Good I hope!
This week was pretty crazy.  Helped do a lot more service, painted some cabinets for a lady, had exchanges with our district leader and found a lot of new investigators.   After all our many prayers and our patience and our work, the Lord blessed us this week to find 7 new investigators!!!  :)   It was amazing. .   5 of which were in one night!  It was such a blessing and I know it came through our faith and prayers and the faith and prayers of all of you!  All my Friends and family.  So thank you so much for your efforts.  They are greatly appreciated and they actually do amount to something! 
We also were able to take Juan (a 14 year old investigator)  to the Saturday afternoon session of conference!  It was awesome!!  I saw the Rice family from our home ward in Louisville!  It was funny to bump into them and talk with them for a minute!  I also saw Garrett Jones!  He ran up to me and picked me up! haha :)  It was so good to see him and talk with him!  AND I saw Brother Davis!  who knew that going to conference I would see so many people from Colorado!  And from our home ward no less!  It was cool :)    I also saw some missionaries from the Ogden mission and my trainer Elder Miller.   It was a great time!  And the actual talks in conference were amazing!!!  So many great things to learn from!  A lot of very BOLD talks by the 12 Apostles . .    It was so cool  . . And our seats were really close!!!!!  Like 10 to 15 rows back for the podium!!  Seriously.  We waved to the prophet and all of the apostles a lot when they came in and when they left.  It was such a great experience.  Well  I wish I had more time to talk!   But I am running out already. . .         But I am grateful for everything I have been given and the opportunity I have to serve as a missionary at this time.  It will be very interesting to see a bunch of 18 year olds coming into this mission and to try to help them become great disciples of Jesus Christ.   I am excited though :)   I love the work .  I love all of you!  I'll try to send some pictures next week or later today if I can get them to work . . . ha ha
God lives and He loves us!
Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.
The church is true, and President Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet of God.
My best regards,
-Elder Hansen
Peak The Strategy.

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