He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Same old

Hello!  This week was a pretty typical week to be a missionary.  Worked hard, tried to find people the teach, tried to get someone baptized.  We did okay this week though.  No baptism still :/ which makes me feel like a horrible trainer since we haven't had a baptism since Elder Driskell got here.   But we found some pretty solid leads this week!  Some new investigators that seem like they could be pretty solid and some referrals that could lead to something.  So yeah . .  but it was a pretty typical week . .  Did a lot of service which was nice (and Mom my side is fine! ha ha it hurt for about a week, but it is great now. so no worries.)    Hmmmm what else. . . .   we actually got people to come to church this Sunday!! We had 3 investigators show up! so that was good.  Still not quite to the Standard of Excellence (SOE) which is 5 but its a start!  And now we have General Conference this week!! We are going to the Sunday PM session and maybe to a session on Saturday with an investigator!  So that should be sweet.  Im excited.  General Conference as a missionary will probably be a little different, but still pretty much the same.  I mean we get to hear the Prophet speak and the other General Authorities, but we will mostly be listening for how we can better help our investigators and how we can be better teachers.  Word.  hah.
Well not much else happened this week!  We got to go to the temple this morning! That is always freakin awesome! :) ha ha but other than that mostly just being a missionary!  We had a good training on Thursday about 12 ways we can find people in our areas! So we are going to do 7 of them this week, one each day, and hopefully find a lot more people to teach!  It'll be tight.
So yeah . .   what else . . . .     . .  .        I mean, on Sunday morning, riding our bikes to church we saw a random dude just not wearing any pants . . . .   Seriously. . .  He was just naked . . I was like PFFFFFF What da heck???!!  but yeah . . There are some pretty crazy people around here.     Its all good though. 
Well on that note, I love you all!  hahaha . .  but yeah. . I miss you guys, and I hope you are all doing well!!
God lives and He loves us.
Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.
The church is true!
-Elder Hansen
Peak the Strategy
P.S. Mom!  Thanks soooooo much for the package!! It was amazing.  The cookies were freaking delicious!  ha ha note that I said "were" because we already ate them all! ha :)  but thanks soo much! I love you!!!  Oh and if you ever have a spare moment and would like to send me some Mormon Tabernacle Choir, I would like that, since that is all we can listen to....  ha  yeah . . oh well.     Thanks!
P.P.S.  Natalie!!  Thanks for your package as well!!!! It was sweet!  I'll use that photo albulm sometime, I just dont know what pictures to use or when or where i'll get them printed! ha ha maybe in my next area there will be a walgreens or something I can do it at.  Right now there isnt anywhere close so thats why I can't send pictures   . .   but thats why I email them! 
Speaking of which, here are some pictures! ha
They are both from the trek!  yeah  . . .pretty awesome :) 
sick . .

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