He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Juan . . . Peterson??

Hey there.  How is everyone doing??  Good?   Alright sweet. . I hope all is well in your lives. 
This week was crazy...   Like  . . yeah soo much random, ridiculous stuff.    
First off, last Thursday my bike got stolen . . .    .      .       from right in front of our apartment....  We came home to eat dinner but we only had 20 or 30 minutes to eat because we had appointments to go to.  The bike lock was upstairs and so we just left our bikes outside (like we had done like 100 or 200 times before) unlocked. . .  We came back out and my bike was just gone.  I thought it was our zone leaders just being funny err whatever, but upon further investigation I found that my bike had actually been stolen....   But the other bike was still there!  It was ridiculous.  So yeah  . .    Now we are on foot for a while until I get another bike or fix this really crappy broken one in our apartment.  Anyway,  then on Friday we went on exchanges.  And I was with Elder Weurtenburg.   He is sorta crazy . .  and pretty weird .. and not obedient.  Ha ha so we didnt get as much work done as we should have, but I pushed him so that we at least did some work and talked to people.  so yeah. 
The best part of our week was that Juan got baptized!!!!!  It was awesome!  There were a LOT of complications that were just so ridiculous that I didnt know how to handle them... 
Basically, long story short, he was baptized as Juan Peterson because thats what the church media referral place had told me his name was and he also told me himself that that was his last name!  But it turns out that Peterson wasnt his last name  . . . .      .          .. . .. .       . .    And he didnt even say that that wasnt his name when he was being baptized. .     It was ridiculous.  He is a really shy 14 year old kid so he didnt speak up at all.  He also had told us that he had gotten permission to be baptized from his brother, but he hadnt!  Sooo . . .  it was a huge mess. . .   . .  I was on the phone from 7:00 pm till 10:30 pm trying to figure it out.   I talked to Mission President a lot to figure out what we should do. We also went over to Juan's house and met with him and his brother and his wife (who are the legal guardians of Juan right now)  and sorted out the problem.   He didnt need to be re baptized, we just needed to put the right name on the record and make sure that when he was confirmed that it was by the correct name!  So, we figured it all out, and he actually got confirmed last night so that his brother could make it.  It was an overall good experience though.  :)  He is a great kid and he didnt mean to not tell or ask his brother, he just doesn't have the best communication skills.   So yeah.  
Anyway, It was good to see him be baptized and confirmed and I will never forget this experience!  It was quite a lot to deal with.
Well.   Life is good.  We achieved what they call SOE (which means Standard Of Excellence) this week.   It means that we got 1 person baptized and confirmed, have 3 people with a baptismal date, have 5 people at church, have 8 lessons with a member present, and 3 new investigators.   We fasted and prayed that we could achieve this on Friday and the Lord really helped us make it happen.  We only had 10 minutes last night before we had to go in for the night and we still needed to find 2 new investigators!  We stopped for a second and then walked over to an apartment, knocked a door of someone that I had heard we could maybe talk to, and him ad his brother decided that we could meet with them on Saturday to teach them!  So yeah, the Lord's hand is most definitely in this work.  
Well I gotta go, but I'll try to attach a picture form the baptism! 
I love you all!  Have a great week! 
God live and He loves us.
Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.
The Church is true.
-Elder Hansen

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