He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Hey everyone!  It was great to see you on google hangout yesterday!  I miss you all and love you very much!  I am going to keep this very short because we had to go to Salt Lake this morning so we only have like 5 minutes to finish emailing before this place closes.  
So this week was great.  Leaving Evanston was hard.  I met a lot of great families that I miss a lot already, not to mention the people that we were teaching!!!  And I came here to basically start over in this area and work from the ground up.  We are already seeing some success here.  I hope to see a lot of success in this zone by the end of these 6 or 12 weeks. 
We have met with a lot of bishops and the stake president already and gotten a ton of referrals to contact.  So now we are working on contacting these people and offering them the happiness that comes from this gospel and sharing it with them.  We expect to find quite a few new investigators this week and put some of them on date for baptism.  We are praying hard to be directed and find those who are prepared to receive us.  
Well thats just about all I have time for!  I'll send some pictures next week that I took with people in Evanston.  Love you all.
Have a great week.
Once again it was great to talk to you yesterday!
Happy Mothers Day!!!!!  
Love you Mom!

-Elder Hansen

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