He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Paula!!

Hey!  How is everyone?  I hope everything is going well.  I am probably going to make this kind of short today.  A lot is going on with our mission splitting and the new mission presidents coming and just a lot of changes so I will probably make it brief.
Also thanks for the letters.  I love reading about how everyone is doing.  It brings some color and brightness to my days, especially when it feels like we are doing the same thing every day or every week.  (which is kind of true, ha ha)

Alright.   Well this week was great.  It was transfer week!  So both Elder Wampler and I stayed.  We still had to go to transfers and do all the usual stuff.  It was good though.  Got a lot of new missionaries in our zone.  Its good!  2 new district leaders.  We are really excited for this transfer.  It should be a good one!  
The best part of this week was Mitch Romo getting baptized!  He was the one who had been investigating the church for 5 years and finally decided to join!  It was soooo cool!  They had to do it in the chapel because there were so many people.  And the chapel was full!  We could hardly fit everyone into the relief society room for the actual baptism.  Standing room only.  It was so awesome to see him finally get baptized.  It was an event!   But ya.  It really made the week a lot better.  
Other than that we were just doing our usual thing.  Trying to teach and find and all that stuff.  We met with a family that the mom and her 2 kids were supposed to get baptized this upcoming weekend, and they told us they cannot afford to live here anymore and the landlord is making them leave immediately.  They moved yesterday...  So now they aren't getting baptized.  So that was rough.  But its alright.  We keep our chins up and keep tryin.  So many things happen to people when they commit to being baptized.  Satan comes at them so hard and its difficult to see that happen.  But they will get baptized.  She said she is still going to work with missionaries in her new home and that she still wants to pursue baptism. So ya.  

Then the next day we had church.  Mitch got confirmed.  Then he was sustained to be ordained a priest in the aaronic priesthood. Then he was given a calling!  Family History Consultant.  It was awesome.  Then after the meeting he was ordained.  He is one the path to being sealed to his wife in the temple.  They are committed and I look forward to helping them along the path to live together eternally with their family and their Heavenly Father.  
Next was the worldwide broadcast!  What an amazing thing.  To have a special meeting called by the first presidency and the twelve apostles with stake president, bishops, ward council members, missionaries, and anyone else that wanted to come to discuss the work of salvation.  The spirit was so strong in that meeting.  The announcements that missionaries will be using the internet and technology more in their proselyting effort and the way that they talked about member missionary work was truly inspired.  I feel so blessed to be a missionary at this time to witness such inspired changes and adaptations in the way we carry out this work.  I love it.  
The church is true!  
I love you all and miss you!  
I have to go, the mission president and his wife are coming to say goodbye to our zone because they are going home....  :(  I'll miss them.  But I am still excited for the new mission president and all that comes with these changes.  

Love you all!

-Elder Hansen

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