He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013


Today we got to go to the temple.  This was the first time I have gotten to go since November!  When I served in Swahili we missed it because my companion was very sick, then the temple was closed, then I went to Wyoming and we don't get to come down to the temple up there.  So finally I got to go.  Its so great to have the opportunity to be at the House of the Lord.  I have missed it.  You can feel the difference.  ya know?  It was a powerful session this morning.  We had about 60 or 70 missionaries come this morning.  Its crazy to see that many missionaries in the temple.  So yeah.
Well this week was a usual week.  Had some meetings in Salt Lake.  On Tuesday we had Mission Leader Council.  (It used to be called Zone Leader Council, but now some Sister training leaders are coming to the meeting as well...)  It was good.  Discussed a lot about what will be happening with the new mission and how we are going to try to help the transition be as smooth as possible and how we can deal with this change and help other missionaries do the same.  It was the last "ZLC" for President and Sister Winn....  I am going to miss them.  Great people.  So caring and willing to help all of the missionaries.  But I am sure the new mission presidents will have that same love and care for us.  President Winn says it comes with the calling as well. So yeah.  Then I got to have lunch with my trainer (dad) Elder Miller!!! he has been home for 5 months now!  Its crazy, but he is at school at UVU and so he came up and we had lunch.  It was great to see him and remember all the good times we had in Farmington.  Its crazy that it has already been a year since I was in Farmington....  weird.  
The rest of the week we just looked for more people to teach.  Taught a lot of lessons as well.  And we got to do a little service.  Took the stuff off of a lady's porch and then scraped it down trying to get it ready to be stained.  Her husband isn't a member so we are trying to build a good relationship there so that eventually we can help him have more of the gospel in his life and eventually be baptized.  We had some other miracles this week as well.  We talked to a lady that thought she had been baptized, so we checked to find her records but they don't have them.  So she will be getting baptized the last week of this month!  Her two children will most likely be baptized with her. Its awesome.  Also at church this week we were sitting in the last ward we go to, Silver Spur ward.  We were pretty disappointed because we had invited so many people to church and they had said they would be there, but only 3 showed up..  So yeah.  But then just before the ward started, a man came up to us and said "I have a 9 year old (almost 10) that has not been baptized yet.  Me and my wife have just started becoming active in the church again and would like you to come over and teach us and help her to get baptized."  !!!! :)   It was freaking sweet!  What a great miracle.  It was what I was fasting for.  This kind of thing rarely ever happens, but I am so happy when it does.  The Lord is truly in His work and is helping us along every step of the way.

Well  I think that is about all.  I love you all very much!! I miss you.

Have a fantastic week!

-Elder Hansen

P.S. Mom I have a recording of the song we sang at zone meeting.  I'll try to send it sometime.  It won't fit in an email though, so we'll see.  Wordski.

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