He's back!!!

He's back!!!
HE'S BACK!!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pioneer Trek!

Hey!! how is everyone doing??!?!  Thanks for your letters and stuff.  ..     word. .  Anyway,
This week was packed with good stuff!  We played ultimate frisbee last p-day which was fun to play for the first time in a while!  Then we had a mission training meeting on Wednesday!!  It was great!  Learned a lot about how to be a better missionary and how I can help people more fully come unto Christ.  I learned how to be more bold in what we have to offer.  .  This week we even invited a couple people on their doorsteps to be baptized!  They said no, but it was still good to know that we have to be bold in our invitations for people to change or else they won't especially in this area.  Anyway, I also learned how I could improve my efforts more and just try my hardest and renew my efforts to give it my all for these 2 years.  It was a great meeting. . It was from 8:00am till 5:00pm though . . So we were pretty dead afterward, but we still managed to find a new family that we are going to try to teach the gospel and get baptized.  So that was a blessing!  We had plans to take an investigator to temple square again, but they cancelled 30 minutes before we were supposed to go . . :(   it was lame, but we'll try to get them to go again soon. 
We had the opportunity to do a lot of service this week!  We helped 2 non-members who love missionaries prepare their house to be painted by moving a lot of furniture and taping the baseboards, etc . ..  Im glad I painted for those summers back in high school cause now I can do these things pretty quickly and we might get the opportunity to help someone else paint their house as well.   Anyway, that was fun and we taught a little to them and he bought us pizza for our service.  It was good!  He is an awesome guy! He has  some tumors on his spine so he couldn't walk well or do much of anything, but he has been getting better lately and they gave him some more shots of cortezone and other steroids and things to help him.  So yeah.  And by the end we said a closing prayer and he was crying when we left because of this seemingly simple thing for us to do that he appreciated so much.  So that was good. ..  But then we went to do more service for someone in the ward. . . . . .  They are hoarders . . . ..    errr whatever you call them .. .  .They have soooooooo much junk!  We cleared out a whole garage full of just random stuff. . . . It was ridiculous and it took quite a bit of time. . .  And some of this stuff was heavy like the 7- 94 puond bags of cement that I carried and the bench saw that was just solid iron . .    and a bath tub . . . .   and some other big stuff. . . . well in the process I think I may have pulled a muscle in my side. . . .   its like behind my ribcage or in it . .  or somethin . . .basically it hurts a lot when I try to sleep at night so I haven't rested well for the last 3 or 4 days . ..  like sunday night I woke up at 3am and I never could get back to sleep because I was so uncomfortable. .  I took 12 advil yesterday throughout the day, but it didnt help much.  Im sure it'll heal sometime soon so Im good, it was just a little lame for the trek we did yesterday! It made it a bit harder to pull the carts and stuff. 
Anyway!  I dont have much more time to write, but we did get to go on the pioneer trek yesterday at "This is the place"   . . It was fun! We got to experience a lot of cool things and we were at the top of this mountain and could see the whole Salt Lake valley just like when Brigham Young was up there!  It was sick . . I'll try to include some pictures if I have time!   
Also the Brigham City Temple dedication was on Sunday!  I loved it :)  It was the first I have ever seen (we just watched it at the stake center where it was broadcast)    . .  but it was soo cool!!  Boyd K. Packer was there, L.Tom Perry did the dedicatory prayer, Russel M. Nelson was also there!  It was sweet.  :) I love the temple.  I can't wait to go there again soon.
Well I love you all!!  Wish I had more time to talk!!
You all have great weeks!  miss you guys,    Godspeed.
-Elder Hansen
Peak The Strategy
P.S.  Mom, could you ask our stake president, president Williams,  if there are any tickets left for conference in Salt Lake?? And if so can you see if you can send them to me so that we can take more of our investigators???  Thanks!  Love you all!

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